The Spent Dandelion is best experienced, but the brief whirl of words and pictures below will give you a sense of why you should come on up to check us out.

The Studio

Our studio apartment offers a tranquil haven by the harbors, complete with a kitchenette, two beds, a bathroom and shower, comfy couch, and a deck that overlook our twenty acres of woods… and with luck a moseying moose to compliment the scene.

The Property

It’s crazy beautiful here, regardless of the season.  Mist, sun, snow, rain; new green or summer green, vibrant auburns or stark white; flowers, berries, or snow-and-track covered trails, 808 Stanley welcomes you with abundant and all-season beauty.


4,000+ volumes. A desk. A deck. Need I say more?

Perhaps I do: find the beginnings of our collection here.


We have more apples than we can possibly eat, and a few plums and pears and cherries too! Come harvest some, walk on back to the Studio, and bake yourself a pie, or apple butter, or crunch on the fruit on the deck on a satisfied Fall day.

Sights to See

Trails, lakes, beaches, and shorelines all within 30 minutes’ driving distance from the Spent Dandelion.

The Hounds

Gimli the red dog, is aptly named after the red-haired, stubborn dwarf in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Chutzpaw (see what we did there) is the sophisticate of the two, and has the sass and audacity of her name. Brother and Sister, they are now part of our family too, and we adore them like crazy.