The Spent Dandelion offers guests hospitality on several fronts: a four-season studio apartment overlooking our 20 acres of North Shore woods; our large garden and orchard—and the harvests thereof!; a 4,000+ theological library for your perusal and use; private consultations with a trained theologian to explore and deepen your faith and religious curiosity; and proximity to the glorious woods, lakes, trails, restaurants, and artisans dotting the towns along Lake Superior.

Whether you come to steward your professional Continuing Education; attend to a question about theology or your religious beliefs; honor your desire to deepen your faith and discover its relevance; or simply to read, write, study, and breathe clean and quiet and woodsy air, the Spent Dandelion welcomes you, and hopes to send you back with clarity, calm, and courage to enter the claims and fray of life again.

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Anna Madsen is a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and serves as a freelance theologian in Two Harbors, MN. After serving a small congregation in South Dakota, she and her late husband moved to Regensburg, Germany for five years. There she earned a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology, studying especially God's presence in suffering. Since then, she's experienced her own share of radical hurt and radical hope, each of which has transformed her world, her perspectives, her theology, and her openness to the messy questions. Taken all together, they are the very roots of the Spent Dandelion Theological Retreat Center.

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